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MSJL Training

MSJL Training is a leading provider of Defensive Driver Training Programs in the Eastern Ontario Region for the past 21 years! We specialize in Defensive Driver Training Programs for the experienced motorist.

Most people don't know what's expected of them when they get behind the wheel. A refresher course will help to make the decision to look beyond the ordinary and expect the unexpected!

Let the experts with 50+ years of combined experience guide you down the road to a safer tomorrow.

Who We Are

We are a small, private organization, comprised of former law enforcement officers, Canada Safety Council certified, dedicating our time to address motor vehicle safety concerns.

Testimonial of local Criminal Justice Attorney:   

"I decided to take this course after years of hearing about it. Having finally done so, I already notice how the lessons have impacted my awareness on the road. Chris Strotmann was informative and non-judgemental as our instructor. The 3-hour instruction was so interesting that it really didn’t seem to last that long. I enjoyed the interactive format where the group was able to share everyday driving experiences common to everyone, and to learn how awareness can be fine-tuned. If you’ve been driving a long time you make assumptions that seem reasonable - which still might not be accurate. It is these assumptions which were challenged in a constructive and useful manner. I definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to up their game driving."

Upcoming courses

Our next Advanced Driver Awareness - Defensive Driving Courses:

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Advanced Driver Awareness Course - For those who receive diversionary measures from the Ontario Provincial Court Traffic System . More info...

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