"Safety Through Education"


This course focuses on the role of driver attitude in determining and affecting behaviour behind the wheel. You will learn what components constitute driving defensively, why and how various types of motor vehicle collisions occur, and what it takes to prevent them.

The session is facilitated in a participation based, adult learning model so that you can use it to evaluate and improve your own driving.

An in-car component utilizing your own personal vehicle will only be conducted if specifically asked for by the courts or yourself. If an in-car assessment is requested it may be provided at the end of the classroom day, however, circumstances may dictate individual scheduling for another date.

Registration Details & Payment Options

You may pay by Certified Cheque, Money Order or Cash.

All course registrations can be made online; you will given the opportunity to specifiy your preferred method of payment during the course registration process.

The Advanced Driver Awareness course is a full day course, starting at 8:45am.

To use our online registration system please review the Class Dates & Availability information below, select your desired course, then follow the on screen instructions.

Class Dates & Availability

Advanced Driver Awareness classes are held on a regular basis. Please Contact Us for scheduling information.